Wednesday, 1 February 2012


NamcoBandai Games Inc. has ported one of its oldest but superb fighting title SOULCALIBUR on iOS with a hefty price tag of 12$ stating the bold pronouncement that "free-to-play games can't be high quality". It is the same as original SOULCALIBUR released back in 1998 and a year later available on Dreamcast. But the iOS version has more crisp graphics, detailed models and top of all that very smooth animations. The game has plenty of modes available in single play including an arcade ladder, time attack, survival and extra survival mode but the game lacks a mission mode. Multiplayer mode has now become an essential part in any fighting game. Team battle mode is also absent. The game also has a practice mode and a museum mode having battle theater and exhibition theater inside. In battle theater you can watch fights between two fighters of your choice with different camera angles and in exhibition theater you can watch each character performing their moves in solo play. Controls of the game are quite responsive. A virtual 8-directional joy pad is available on the left for the movement of your character and four buttons on the right for performing vertical attack, horizontal attack, kick, and guard. Control options let you customize button placement and opacity, as well as add a multi-button of your choice. This is particularly important, since a lot of SoulCalibur moves need you to hit two buttons at once. There are 10 characters available from the get-go, with another 9 available through unlocks. All of ‘em have alternative costumes too, for those that are sensitive to combat fashion.

SOULCALIBUR is a fantastic fighting game, but due to its high price tag and omission of multiplayer mode, it's a hard to sell.

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