Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gnu Revenge Review

In Bulkypix's Gnu Revenge, all of the gnus have been captured by a crocodiles. However, not quite all of the gnus have been taken away; a sole gnu remains as their last hope... and he has a jetpack, to boot! And so it falls to him to rescue his kind by blasting off into outer space and smashing some space crocodiles. your goal is to fly into the three bubble-trapped gnus (who represent the traditional stars of these types of games) spread throughout each stage and finish by smashing into the croc's saucer, sending him flying off into another region of space. Other than an"abort/retry" button, there is only one button you need to use in this game, and it controls the burst from the gnu's jetpack. As you progress, you'll encounter different obstacles, such as cannons, planetoids and black holes, and bursts of air that can knock you off-course. There are no other controls besides boosting and not-boosting, so it's up to you to make the most of your environment to rescue as many gnus as possible and knock off the croc's block. Another dissapointment of the game is that a lot of stages have very tiny margins of error; boost for a microsecond longer than necessary, and you spin out of a planet's orbit. A microsecond shorter, and you'll crash and burn.

Gnu Revenge fails to deliver enough entertainment to stand on its own hooved feet.

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