Thursday, 16 May 2013

Gravity Guy 2 Review

Gravity Guy 2 is an endless runner from miniclip. The game is a sequel to Gravity Guy released in xxxx. Usually in most games, the sequel follows same gameplay mechanism but in Gravity Guy 2 the story is different. Gravity Guy 2 offers completely different gameplay and controls. In Gravity Guy 2, you take control of a hero running flawlessly on randomly generated levels, collecting coins, avoiding obstacles and mainuplating platforms. Controls are simple but you will find it difficult in start. The game can be played via right and left thumbs. Two buttons are present, one on each side if the screen. Left button makes your player jump, You can also make a double-jump to gain more height. With right button, You can raise the platform coming on your way to get help with it. As more as you play, You will earn experience points (XP) and unlock new abilities. Collected coins can be used to purchase new abilities which will help you go on with your journey. abilities includes boost to boost you 500m ahead, revive to bring you back to life and boost 150m and magnet will increase your coin collecting radius by o.5m. You can also purchase additional coins via in-app purchases.

Gravity Guy 2 is a fantastic endless runner that keeps you occupied only if you can bare it's difficulty.

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